Dear caretakers of the animal shelter,

First of all I like to thank you all for rescuing me and giving me a chance for a happy life. And happy I am.

When I arrived in the Netherlands about half a year ago, I was very insecure. I just lost everything I knew and had no idea what laid ahead. Two strange guys picked me up on the parking lot and brought me again to an unknown and strange environment. The first night I cried a lot and the following day I was very upset and withdrawn, but these two guys were very patient with me. They gave me the love and security I desperately needed and slowly I gained my trust. I started to really feel at home in this new house with these two friendly guys and two rabbits. Right now I am so glad and thankful that they adopted me and made me part of their little family. Every day they take me for long walks and during the weekends they even take me to the forest or heather lands where I can run freely and meet other dogs.

A couple of weeks ago I got my certificate for my first obedience course. Although I do not want to brag, I must say I was very successful. I like to please my new friends and therefore I am trying the best I can to do what they ask me to do. I know they would like to continue with the next course, but there is one small hurdle to overcome first. When on a leach, I have a large comfort zone and I don’t like other dogs within that zone. Although I am not really aggressive, I like to pretend to be a mean dog. Hopefully I can scare the other dogs and chase them away. But, together we’re working on it and I gradually improve myself.

At home I really feel at ease. I like to get lots of attention and therefore I follow them wherever they go and always try to make physical contact. Preferably I sit on my friends lap or lie on their chest and give them lots of kisses. On their turn, they like to pet and hug me. They have to keep an eye on their food though, because if they look away for only a brief moment, it is gone. And of cause I have no idea where the food went. And then there are these two rabbits. Well, they really draw my attention. I am jealous if they give them attention and at the same time I like to have them for dinner. Unfortunately my friends love them to much to allow me to catch them. In short, we are a happy little family with lots of love and fun, but sometimes small conflicts. Luckily they forgive me my mistakes.

This summer vacation the three of us are going for a trip to Denmark. They promised me that we are going for long walks and spend most our time in nature. I am really looking forward to this.

As you can see I am doing great.

Thanks again,


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